Work Hoodies

Dickies work hoodies & hooded tops include a variety of prints, colours & styles. This includes zipped hoodies and hooded sweatshirts with large kangaroo style front pockets. These are modern workwear options; see our range of sweatshirts & jumpers for a more traditional look.

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£20.00(inc vat)£16.67(ex vat)
£28.50(inc vat)£23.75(ex vat)
£56.50(inc vat)£47.08(ex vat)
£45.00(inc vat)£37.50(ex vat)
£27.00(inc vat)£22.50(ex vat)
£31.50(inc vat)£26.25(ex vat)
£31.50(inc vat)£26.25(ex vat)
£25.00(inc vat)£20.83(ex vat)
£26.50(inc vat)£22.08(ex vat)
£24.00(inc vat)£20.00(ex vat)
Popular Products in Workwear
Dickies Everyday Workwear Trouser - Grey
£20.00(inc vat)£16.67(ex vat)
Dickies 22 Camden Trousers - Black
£15.00   £32.50 (inc vat)£12.50   £27.08 (ex vat)
Dickies Two Tone Polo Shirt - Black/Red
£12.00(inc vat)£10.00(ex vat)
Dickies Redhawk Super Work Trousers - Black
£20.00(inc vat)£16.67(ex vat)
Dickies Plain T-Shirt - Black
£7.50(inc vat)£6.25(ex vat)
Dickies Redhawk Overall with Zip Front - Black
£27.00(inc vat)£22.50(ex vat)
Dickies Short Sleeve Polo Shirt - Navy Blue
£9.00(inc vat)£7.50(ex vat)
Dickies Anvil Polo Shirt - Black
£12.00(inc vat)£10.00(ex vat)
Dickies Redhawk Chino Trousers - Navy Blue
£20.00(inc vat)£16.67(ex vat)
Dickies Redhawk Pro Work Trousers - Black
£32.50(inc vat)£27.08(ex vat)
Dickies Riverton Polo Shirt - Grey
£12.50(inc vat)£10.42(ex vat)
Dickies Knee Pads - Black
£9.50(inc vat)£7.92(ex vat)
Dickies Crew Neck Sweatshirt - Burgundy
£14.50(inc vat)£12.08(ex vat)
Dickies Redhawk Cargo Shorts - Navy Blue
£18.50(inc vat)£15.42(ex vat)
Dickies Portland Shirt - Red
£35.00(inc vat)£29.17(ex vat)