Hi-Vis Shorts

Hi-visibility shorts offer more freedom then hi-vis trousers whilst retaining all the benefits of being EN ISO 20471 or RIS-3279-TOM compliant.  Our hi-vis shorts fit in as part of our wider hi-visibility ranges and whether it’s site work, road safety or railway hi-vis you need a pair of shorts is a much-needed addition for the summer months.

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Dickies Heavy Duty Waterproof Impact Gloves - Blue
£60.00(inc vat)£50.00(ex vat)
Dickies Hi Visibility Long Sleeve Polo Shirt - Yellow
£13.50   £15.00 (inc vat)£11.25   £12.50 (ex vat)
Dickies Two Tone Hi-Vis Hoodie - Orange
£25.20   £28.00 (inc vat)£21.00   £23.33 (ex vat)
Dickies Waterproof Hi Vis Safety Trousers - Orange
£13.04   £14.50 (inc vat)£10.87   £12.08 (ex vat)
Dickies Hi Vis Highway Safety Waistcoat - Yellow
£4.50   £5.00 (inc vat)£3.75   £4.17 (ex vat)
Dickies Lightweight Pyrovatex Coverall - Royal Blue
£56.50(inc vat)£47.08(ex vat)
Dickies Hi Vis Joggers - Yellow
£19.36   £21.50 (inc vat)£16.13   £17.92 (ex vat)
Dickies Two Tone Hi Vis Sweat - Orange
£22.50   £25.00 (inc vat)£18.75   £20.83 (ex vat)
Dickies Industry Hi-Vis Trousers - Orange
£36.00   £40.00 (inc vat)£30.00   £33.33 (ex vat)
Dickies High Visibility Safety Polo Shirt - Orange
£10.80   £12.00 (inc vat)£9.00   £10.00 (ex vat)
Dickies Performance Gloves - Tan
£13.50(inc vat)£11.25(ex vat)
Dickies High Visibility Bomber Jacket - Orange
£28.80   £32.00 (inc vat)£24.00   £26.67 (ex vat)
Dickies Everyday Flame Retardant Coverall - Red
£40.00(inc vat)£33.33(ex vat)
Dickies Two Tone Hi Vis Waistcoat - Orange
£9.00   £10.00 (inc vat)£7.50   £8.33 (ex vat)
Dickies High Visibility Safety Hooded Sweatshirt - Orange
£24.30   £27.00 (inc vat)£20.25   £22.50 (ex vat)