Rigger Boots

Safety riggers or rigger boots are an excellent option for oil rigs, building sites & many other industrial areas of work. Offering a safety specification of EN ISO 20345 as required by British Standards, these tough boots also often feature S3, anti-penetration midsoles & many other features and benefits depending on your needs and product of choice.

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£27.75   £92.50 (inc vat)£27.75   £92.50 (ex vat)
£26.60   £38.00 (inc vat)£26.60   £38.00 (ex vat)
£26.60   £38.00 (inc vat)£26.60   £38.00 (ex vat)
£46.00   £115.00 (inc vat)£46.00   £115.00 (ex vat)
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Dickies Faxon Safety Trainer - Grey
£14.00   £70.00 (inc vat)£11.67   £58.33 (ex vat)
Dickies Antrim Safety Boot - Black
£28.50(inc vat)£28.50(ex vat)
Dickies Safety Dealer Boot - Black
£32.00(inc vat)£32.00(ex vat)
Dickies Preston Safety Boot - Brown
£23.00   £57.50 (inc vat)£23.00   £57.50 (ex vat)
Dickies Redland II Safety Boot - Black
£26.50(inc vat)£26.50(ex vat)
Dickies Crawford Safety Boot - Black
£33.25   £66.50 (inc vat)£33.25   £66.50 (ex vat)
Dickies Cleveland Safety Boot - Honey
£47.50(inc vat)£47.50(ex vat)
Dickies Industrial Rigger Boot - Brown
£27.75   £92.50 (inc vat)£27.75   £92.50 (ex vat)
Dickies Storm II Safety Boot - Black
£28.50(inc vat)£28.50(ex vat)
Dickies Donegal Safety Boot - Honey
£38.00(inc vat)£38.00(ex vat)
Dickies Fife II Dealer Boot - Black
£67.50(inc vat)£67.50(ex vat)
Dickies Severn Safety Boot - Black
£38.00(inc vat)£38.00(ex vat)
Dickies Liberty Safety Boot - Black
£50.75   £72.50 (inc vat)£50.75   £72.50 (ex vat)
Dickies Liberty Safety Shoe - Black
£59.50   £85.00 (inc vat)£49.58   £70.83 (ex vat)
Dickies Everyday Safety Boot - Black
£35.00(inc vat)£35.00(ex vat)