Waterproof Clothing Guide

April showers bring May flowers”, but they also bring damp feet, dripping noses and a generally dismal experience for anyone caught in them unprepared.

If you love the outdoors but dread the thought of being soaked through, read our guide to waterproof clothing below to make sure you are properly equipped to face the elements.

man wearing dickies raintite jacket in rain

 WP50000 Waterproof Jacket

Rain Check-

Since Charles Macintosh famously pioneered modern waterproof clothing in the 19th Century, brands around the world have been applying and refining his technology to produce hardwearing weather-resistant garments for their customers.

Dickies is an internationally recognised leader among these brands, as we’re constantly working on innovative, high-quality workwear that offers the full package; in fact our clothing is designed to be every bit as tough, versatile, hardworking and attractive as our customers!  

dickies cambridge jacket

Dickies Cambridge Jacket (JW23700)

Don’t Sweat It-

The waterproof clothing from Dickies Workwear are developed for your comfort and protection, shielding you against wet conditions during outdoor work or play.

A downpour needn’t be a distraction; with a range of quality garments to choose from, you can prepare yourself for the unpredictable spring weather without giving up your outdoor activities.

Whether you’re on assignment at a rain-soaked construction site or taking a walk in the countryside, our range of high-performance waterproof garments have been designed to keep you dry, clean and warm from head to toe in all winds and weathers. 

Some rain-resistant fabrics are also fully breathable to keep you feeling fresh and sweat-free.

dickies vermont water resistant suit

Dickies Vermont Water Resistant Suit (WP10050)

Hot Buys for Cold Days-

With the current low temperatures forecast to last well into the coming month at least, you’ll need to be well equipped for the cold as well as the rain; that’s why we stock a range of lightweight and padded waterproof clothes that leave plenty of room to comfortably insulate yourself, be it with a snug layer of thermal clothing or a cosy fleece jacket.

Each piece is designed to meet Dickies’ famously high standards when it comes to performance, style and value for money.  

dickies abbot 3 in 1 jacket

Dickies Abbot 3 in 1 Jacket (JW10500)

Wax vs Weather-

Browse our waterproof selection and you’ll find a wide variety of garments designed to withstand showers of all sorts, from a drizzle to a deluge. And for those of you who need extra protection against long hours out in the elements, there’s the Dickies Workwear waxed jackets and wax-lined clothing range.

Originally popular among farmers and agricultural workers, these heavy-duty waxed cotton garments have become the outerwear of choice for hikers, walkers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Muddy fields and marshlands are no match for our wax-treated trousers and jackets; they’re designed to help you stay clean and dry in all your wet weather adventures.

With soft polyester or brushed-cotton linings, you’ll also find the waterproof waxed pieces perfectly comfortable for many hours of wear.

A Step Ahead-

Give soggy socks the boot this spring, and invest in a pair of waterproof trainers, boots or Wellingtons from the Dickies Workwear selection.

Alongside your choice of waterproof or waxed cotton clothing, a pair of waterproof shoes is just what you need to keep the erratic springtime weather from raining on your parade.

dickies landmaster wellingtons in green

Dickies Landmaster Safety Wellington (FW94105)

No matter what you’ve got planned for April, trust Dickies Workwear to get you prepared, and you’ll be able to soak up the great outdoors without getting soaked yourself!