Definitely one of the areas of manual work in which the Dickies brand is most well-known. The brand logo is frequently spotted upon the clothing & PPE of building sites across the UK. We can kit out a builder from head to toe, with safety boots alongside anything else you may need.

Construction is certainly not for the amateur, with various rules & regulations around building a permanent structure in the UK – make sure before any work begins that all required planning approval has been completed. Professional building companies have very strict regulations in place regarding safety of employees and visitors on site. This is where the excellent range of safety helmet these days.

The Dickies Cleveland has been a best selling safety boot for numerous years. Synonymous with support and protection, this boot has been ergonomica...

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There is now a large range of high visibility two tone clothing within the Dickies collection and this T-shirt, in either orange or yello...

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Top Tip

To remove a screw with a stripped head, just place a thick elastic band over the head and use a normal screwdriver. [Ricky Difford]

The Redhawk Pro Trouser is a higher quality, premium trouser based on our historical top seller; the 

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These Dickies Safety Helmets conform to the required EN397 safety standards and offer various additional features. The six point harness gives...

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The Dixon Lined Rigger is our mock fur lined version of these popular rigger boots. With a water resistant leather upper these rigge...

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The Dickies Lined Leather Work Gloves are a high quality glove, with thermal insulation for added warmth. A durable glove that is particularly popu...

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Top Tip

Make sure you’ve got the right tools and protective clothing at hand. Know your own limitations, but always enjoy the end result. [Peter Derek Ridgers]