Build a Boot Birdhouse From Dickies Work Boots


If you’re looking for an easy way to upcycle and take care of your garden inhabitants, look no further! When Jeremy contacted us to let us know what he created from a pair of his old work boots, we couldn’t wait to share. And, if you are looking for an excuse to update your Dickies Work Boots, keep on reading.

Now, in our personal opinion, this bird house is a much more stylish alternative to old-school, traditional bird houses. But the question remains - why the Dickies did he do it? According to Jeremy, after wearing his boots for many years, they could no longer be worn to complete DIY jobs.  As they had been such loyal boots, it seemed too much of a shame to throw them away. So, he decided to turn them into bird boxes!  

How to Make a DIY Bird Box

One boot has already become the home for a pair of Blue Tits, with other garden birds showing great interest in the other. With such success, we wanted to find out how he came up with the idea. Jeremy says the idea came from a picture he saw, in which a bird box had been mounted on a board with a small roof over the top, looking more like an arty nest box than a practical and sturdy home.

Having a great interest in wildlife, he was inspired to make a bird box that was actually usable! Based on his original idea, small logs were cut to fit the neck of the boot.  Next, a hole drilled into the centre made a safe entrance for visitors.  The completed bird box was then affixed to an appropriate tree.  

bird house made from dickies safety boot

He only spent a small amount of time on this fantastic DIY project and the results really are the boots.  Thanks, Jeremy Jeffery for sharing your Bird House creation!  

Things to Consider When Making or Placing a Bird Box in Your Garden

The most frequent visitors to any garden include blue tits, great tits, blackbirds and robins. The RSPB have some great tips on getting started on your first build:

  • Drill drainage holes to the base of the box.
  • For lidded boxes- never nail down the lid, so the box can be cleaned in autumn.
  • Keep the wall below the entrance hole rough to help the young birds clamber up when it's time for them to leave.

Whatever your gardening DIY plans are; a birdhouse for feathered visitors, making a hanging basket or even a tree house, be sure to remember, safety first and be sure to kit yourself out in the latest and safest PPE and workwear!

Do you have any DIY projects to share with us? Please send your photos to us and we’ll feature you on our blog!