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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Every dad falls into a typical dad stereotype. To help celebrate Fathers Day on Sunday the 17th of June we’ve brought together some Fathers Day Gift recommendations based on a few typical dad stereotypes we’ve seen over the years.


The Practical Dad


Dads are practical people, spending plenty of time tinkering in the shed or the garage or fixing things around the house.  What better gift for a practical dad on Father’s Day than a solid set of overalls, some compatible kneepads and that Father’s Day gift favourite, socks!

The Redhawk Overall is an extremely practical product, complete with numerous pockets for tools and essentials. An elasticated back and zip front make it highly practical to get in and out of.

Combine the Redhawk Overall with a pair of Dickies Knee Pads for ultimate comfort. These knee pads are lightweight and tough and can be combined with any Dickies Knee Pad Overalls or Knee Pad Trousers.

One of the most popular gifts on Fathers Day is socks. Cheap and always in need of, it’s safe to say any dad would expect a pair of socks on Fathers Day. The Dickies Cushion Crew Socks are perfect for the job, with a reinforced heel and toe and half cushioned sole. Whats more you get 5 in a pack so that’s a new pair for each day of the week at work.

Practical Dad

The Hipster Dad


There’s plenty of cool dad’s out there, and even more who “think” they are cool.

Whichever category of dad you fall into, below are some great father’s day gift ideas for the dad who likes to stay on trend.

The  Dickies Portland Shirt is a firm favourite among our customers and makes for a great fathers day gift, especially with the lumber-jack look making a come-back. This padded check shirt can be used to double up as an overshirt also.

Whatever industry you work in the Dickies Messenger Bag is a great gift with endless uses.  Be it carrying your laptop to the office or keeping your lunch in on a building site. Those truly cool dads may also carry records in it from time to time.

Every hipster dad owns a beanie, its a prerequisite of the look. The Dickies Reversible Beanie makes a great gift for any beanie loving dad as they get two gifts in one.

Hipster Dad


The Sporty Dad


Your ether a sporty dad or have been a sporty dad at some point, for those who still love to kick a ball around with their kids here are some sporty father’s day recommendations.

The Redwood Hoodie makes for great casual outerwear during summer months with its full zip front its easy to take on or off as you please.

Any sporting dad would welcome a hoodie as a gift this fathers day.

The Redhawk Shorts are ideal for Summer due to their lightweight material and great for any outdoor activity such as hiking and walking due to the cargo pockets on each leg to keep all your belongings safe.

What better to keep your Redhawk shorts up with then with the Dickies Canvas Belt. One of our best sellers its makes the perfect gift as it one size fits all.

Sport dad


The Accident-Prone Dad


We’ve all met someone who fits into this category but don’t despair we have the perfect gifts for even the clumsiest of dads this father’s day.

The Dickies Heavy Duty Impact Gloves are premium work gloves will keep the clumsiest hands safe. Produced in collaboration with Kong they are packed with safety features.

Whats best is they are currently 70% off too!

The Dickies Bump Cap makes the ideal gift for someone who wants casual headwear but could do with that extra protection.

One size fits all again means you can’t go wrong with the size.

Another great father’s day gift for the accident-prone dad are the Dickies Wrap Around Safety Glasses.  Giving you a sporty style whilst not breaking the bank.

Clumsy Dad


Dickies Safety Glasses

Dickies Safety Glasses

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