Rachel E Millar


Where She Works

Rachel E Millar
Rachel E Millar
Glasgow, Scotland
Signwriter & Lettering Artist

Rachel E Millar is a signwriter and lettering artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. She specialises in designing and painting lettering by hand – large or small, interior or exterior, on shop fronts, on walls and almost any other surface. She works somewhere between design, art and craft, fusing traditional techniques with contemporary design.

Rachel got into sign painting straight out of university.

"I just didn’t want to sit in front of a computer for the whole day and I wanted to have more variety in my work and what I do."

Rachel finds it very exciting that each new job has a different challenge to tackle, different surfaces, colour combinations, locations.


Signwriter Rachel E Millar in workshop

"I think it’s very important to pass on skills to people."


Teaching my friends, family, and people that want to discover their creative skills, is very important to me. When people first start painting who haven’t done a lot of practicing in the first place, clients will look at it and see that it is hand drawn.


"With hand painted stuff you need to be consistent and follow some rules so clients can see that element of hand paint to each work. Everything you create must be legible and concise."


Being a signwriter and lettering artist is definitely a lifestyle.

"When you start painting it just takes over your brain and you just start dreaming about it."


Signwriter Rachel E Millar painting

To stay original Rachel says that you just have to experiment loads with colour, forms and different type faces, so that’s what she’s been trying to do recently.


"I like to add a lot of colour in my work and work with perspective to sort of trick the eye to think it’s 3D."


She likes that a lot of people look at her work and realise it’s Rachel’s work, as the patterns and colours let her personability shine through.

After the day job is done, the lifestyle continues and she often comes back to the studio just to play with colour and texture.

"I'm a sign painter because I love it and I'll be doing it every day."

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