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Ricky Feather
York, United Kingdom

From the age of around 13, Ricky fell out of love with playing football and discovered ‘Street Riding’ BMX, which allowed him freedom to be creative.

Not long after leaving school and getting his first job working in a factory the traveling bug kicked in. Ricky purchased a ticket to Austin, Texas to meet new people in the BMX world.

For the next few years, Ricky traveled between the USA and Europe. This experience made him realise that outside working in the factory there were so many more creative jobs, and that people actually had pretty cool careers, by thinking more outside the box:

"I've met a lot of people that inspired me to do what I love and use my creativity in photography, art, design, combined with the welding experience from working in the factory."

Ricky Feather at work

Seeing these things, Ricky realised that he needed more than that, he needed to explore and needed diversity. Cue Feather Cycles.

Feather Cycles was born from a thirst to create a useful, desirable and high-performance product from a marriage of his absolute passion and the monotony of his day job. By bringing the two together, Ricky was able to make his day job, his vocation – something that he couldn’t live without now.

"I get to work with people from all walks of life; the mates I ride with in the local club, creatives, builders, doctors, ex pros... You name it, I’ve worked with them. The drive this gives me is something I can’t imagine I would get from any other line of work. I get to design, I get to take photos, I get to use art, architecture, fashion, graphics and jewelry as inspiration."


Ricky Feather in workshop

In a world of digital trends, it gives Ricky so much pleasure that he gets to make something that will last a very long time; something that will inspire others; all made to measure, painted to show off customer’s personalities, with a personal experience from start to finish. When a customer collects their bike, Ricky takes them out for a ride, and they do an hour on the bike together.

"And that’s a really nice finishing touch when they collect their bike the first ride they go on is with you in the area where you ride all the time and see the smile on their face."


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