The Ultimate Protective Safety Gloves

Dickies Workwear safety gloves

For decades there have been major advances in the improvement of safety products. With respiratory protection, for example, fit testing has led to better and more suitable face masks.

Eyewear has also evolved from the days of traditional “safety specs”. Adjustment in temples, nose bridges and the means of attachment itself all continually improve along with the all-important lens technology, which includes prescription options.

Footwear has seen fit, comfort and functionality all improve, resulting in reductions in slips, trips and falls as well as better designed sole units, insole technology and closure systems.

Gloves now too are improving dramatically, from very simplistic Polka Dot work gloves or traditional “Rigger” gloves to highly engineered ergonomically 3D designed items with multi measurement points.

The Importance of Safety Gloves

Hand and finger injuries can account for anywhere from 50% to 70% of work related accidents, which makes this area vitally important when it comes to increasing your safety in the workplace. Obvious injuries like bruising, cuts and crushing are a common sight in the industry, but there are other, less well known accidents that can occur. For example, the continual use of power tools like drills or jackhammers can cause hand arm vibration syndrome.

This is an irreversible but avoidable condition. Nerves, blood vessels, hand and wrist joints can be affected, often resulting in permanent numbing and a loss of grip, strength and dexterity in the hand for everyday life. Outdoor workers will compound this and run the risk of it being aggravated even more due to the cold and damp.

Workers in all industries depend on their hands to perform their tasks and to earn a living. Put simply, they cannot work without their hands. Injuries to the hand mean the loss of a valuable, skilled employee and a significant knock-on rise in costs. Serious hand accidents may even lead to the end of a career thanks to a debilitating injury, and financial penalties on the part of the employer.

A company’s reputation can also be at stake through unwanted publicity, creating a negative working atmosphere.

Best Impact Safety Gloves

That’s where Dickies’ Impact Gloves come in. Designed in collaboration with Kong, our hand gloves are built to suit the most demanding of environments and tasks. The Dickies glove range is intended to offer something across a wide range of Industrial sectors:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Utility
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas

Dickies Impact Gloves are manufactured from a wide range of carefully selected materials all combined to provide optimum safety, comfort and dexterity. Metacarpal injuries are common when the back of the hand hits another object, severely bruising or even breaking the small bones in the back of the hand. To minimise this, Dickies Impact Gloves have shock absorbing TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) ergonomically added as an exoskeleton to the back of the glove and knuckle areas, to minimise bruising and breaks. Likewise, the same TPR is added to the fingers and thumbs to provide protection against pinching and impact bruising.

A Safety Glove for Every Task or Industry

Depending on the intended end use of the glove, padding and shock absorbent material can be added to the palm, or perhaps our Duraclad Rope Channel reinforcement. Other materials, such as foam nitrile for excellent grip, or an EN 388 cut level 5 knit (ANSI/ISEA Level 4) can add additional protection. Waterproof variants are also available, as is a patented Diamondclad Silicone fused palm (Patent D568003) for the ultimate grip on wet and oily objects.

Hi-visibility options are also available in the range.

The most incredible part of these gloves, however, is the level of fit and comfort. Sure there are other Impact gloves on the market, but when you put a Dickies impact glove on your hand the difference is immediately apparent. Dickies gloves are highly engineered, ergonomically 3D-designed items with multi measurement points. When pulling on the glove via the specially designed TPR Cuff puller tab, your hand is welcomed by the embracing Tricot or Cut Resistant liner. Notice the adjustable Teflon treated Neoprene Cuff or the Teflon treated synthetic suede fourchettes on some models.

Find out more by watching these safety glove videos on a few more items in the range.

These gloves not only make the job safer, they also make it easier to improve the quality and quantity on the job, making them a sensible investment.