To Our Friends, Co-Workers and Our Community of Independent Makers

We go to work. It’s what we do.

Some work for the joy and satisfaction inherent in making remarkable things and some work to pay for their child’s books or braces – and a lot of us work for both. Regardless of our ‘Why’, we are united in our routine. As the world continues to witness unprecedented change, we continue to alter our daily routines to protect ourselves and each other. The best way our community can help each other is to help slow the spread of COVID-19 by lessening our social exposure. 

In line with government announcements, all our UK stores will be closed from Thursday 5th November for at least a four week period. If there is any amendment to the lockdown period in England, the stores will adhere to local or national government stipulations. Once re-opened, our aim is to protect our staff and customers while making the shopping experience as positive as possible, and as such we will operate to the strictest of safety guidelines.

Our corporate office is open but wherever possible staff will work from home.

Our online store remains open, with the number one priority being to protect the safety of our co-workers and suppliers. We continue to proceed with the utmost caution. There will continue to be small delays for most shipments & for the processing of any return you may wish to make. We'll ensure our website is updated as frequently as required and contains the most up to date information.

For the latest updates on delivery and returns, please visit the following pages:

Delivery Information
Returns Information

Our Customer Service Team have remained on-hand via email and online, and the team can now also be contacted via telephone. The quickest means of communication with one of our colleagues remains to be via the Live Chat function on our website.

We will only keep you posted with necessary updates as we continue to address these challenges. Please remain healthy and safe as we navigate these unprecedented times.


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