How to Promote Your Business as a Tradesman

The demand for skilled tradesmen has always been high but in a notoriously competitive industry, it may not always be easy for potential clients to find YOU.   Exploring ways to market yourself is essential if you’d like to:

  • Grow your business
  • Expand your client base
  • Increase your chances of being found

Here at Dickies Workwear, we’ve been providing the work overalls and durable gloves to tradesman for years – and we’ve picked up some great advice for tradesman growth, from builders, plumbers to painters and more!

Here’s How to Start Expanding Your Tradesman Business Now:  

1. Create a Website

Don’t ignore the importance of being online these days, even if most of your business is based on word-of-mouth. A website is a great way to showcase your work, educate potential customers and publish feedback to help build your reputation. To get started, try a free website building tool like Wix or Weebly, which both give you a choice of designer drag and drop templates that are incredibly easy to set up. If you don’t have the time to set up a site yourself, look for local website makers as they are generally fairly affordable and will get the job done and your site looking professional.

Website Top Tip- If you already have a website, remember to keep it fresh and simple. Use high-quality pictures and make sure your wording is straight to the point. Let visitors know exactly what you can help them with as soon as they land on your page, give them clear instructions on how to contact you and state exactly what your policies are.  

prolix painting website screenshot

Sources: Teb Builders & Prolix Painting

2. Use Social Media

As an alternative or in addition to starting a website, build your brand on social media by posting updates of your work, or encourage clients to post queries that you can respond to. Grow your client base online by being accessible, transparent and knowledgeable, and instead of using many channels, rather focus on getting one or two just right. It’s not about how many social media platforms you’re on; it’s about choosing the right ones for your business.

Social Media Top Tip- Aspirational lifestyle imagery and DIY articles related to your industry will help you engage with your audience and inspire them. Show them what their home could look like...  

Tradesman's Social Media Success Stories

A Plumbing Business That Uses Facebook and YouTube Bakers Brothers Plumbing has a steadily growing online presence thanks to their efforts on social media. Their video clips on YouTube, entitled Baker Brothers Quick Tips, provide viewers with solutions on various related issues, like how to improve water pressure or how to turn off and drain a leaky water heater – a video which has over 100 000 views. And on Facebook, they continue to grow their 14 000 strong fan base by continuously posting relevant content. They’ve also offered potential clients a 50 dollar coupon towards their next job, simply for liking their page.   Building Contractors use Twitter to Communicate with Customers J.V. Heidler Co is a roofing company that uses Twitter with the handle @bestroofer and has almost 2000 followers.  They predominantly use the platform to communicate directly with customers, but they also use Twitter Search to find new business opportunities and to share relevant info, positioning themselves as experts. They also use the platform to instantly share references and compliments from their clients.  

3. Get Listed in Local Directories

Make sure your business and contact details appear in as many online directories as possible, like Yell, Yelp or FreeIndex. Also register for Google Places to be connected directly with customers. Do you have any highly specialised tools or techniques, access to the latest technology in your field, or a 24-hour line?  Identify something that helps your business stand out from competitors and be sure to make it the most prominent highlight in any listing.

Getting Listed Top Tip- Every single time you get a call, ask where that person heard about you. It’s a great way to gather some data to start understanding which advertising avenues and channels are working, and which aren’t.

  yell search input box

4. Brand Yourself Offline

This is one of the simplest marketing tactics to help keep your business in the minds of potential customers. Print business cards or flyers, brand your car or place an advert in a local newspaper or trade magazine. Don’t forget local community boards. If you don’t already, ensure you display your company logo on your workwear or customised overalls.

Branding Top Tip- Before printing any materials, do a Google search for look and feel ideas. The inspiration could pay off and clients will be more likely to remember your brand if you inject some creativity into advertising your services.

Unique Builders and Tradesmen Business Card examples

Sources: Presidia Creative & The American Genius

Finally, it’s a good idea to connect with other prominent tradesmen and businesses in your field to share knowledge and possibly even projects. Although you can’t expect instant growth with any of these strategies, with consistent effort and a little creativity you’ll see your marketing efforts start to pay off, because your work will speak for itself. Good luck!   Remember “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” - Aristotle