There are two types of mechanic which are equally covered by the vast array of Dickies work clothing, and particularly an excellent selection of work overalls, we have online. Professional mechanics and large auto-centres will have a set custom mechanic's uniform, usually with the company logo embroidered, to identify these employees easily & create brand identity.

Mechanic's Overalls & Trousers

Our Redhawk Stud Front Overall is surely the most popular coverall for mechanical use in the UK. This product has zero exposed metal, therefore making it the perfect protective garment to prevent scratching the paintwork on the vehicle you’re working on. Throw on a pair of Dickies workwear trousers & a printed Dickies t-shirt underneath and you are good to go.

Mechanic's Gloves & Safety Shoes

Whilst small independent garages and hobbyists who enjoy tinkering with cars will usually just have a set of overalls and maybe some mechanic's work gloves  - we’d also recommend looking at purchasing some protective footwear too. Our Dickies Andover safety boots offer great protection for those working in mechanical engineering. Oil and water-resistant leather along with a breathable mesh lining, make them a perfect choice for both purpose and comfort.

A fantastic, value for money overall, which is ideal for daily use. The concealed stud fronted pocket design will prevent scratches to paintwork, m...

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40,00 € (inc vat) 33,33 € (ex vat)

The Dickies ED24/7 Trousers have an exceptional choice of colour variations & available sizes. In fact this our greatest depth of colour v...

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This Two Tone Polo Shirt is manufactured from 100% cotton. With black as the main colour block with a variety of two tone colour options...

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The Dickies Plain T-Shirt is an everyday essential item for a variety of work trades and professions. This is an extremely popular product, with mu...

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These are protective safety boot from the Dickies footwear collection. The Dickies Andover Boots have an extensive list of features which...

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The Dickies Phoenix is part of a new generation of safety footwear in the Dickies collection. These are a lightweight, composite protection, s...

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