How To Look After Your Winter Garden

Even though the temperatures have dropped, there’s still plenty of outdoor work that can be done! It’s important to maintain your garden throughout the harsh weather of winter, so that, come spring, the ground is ripe and ready for planting. Read on for our essential guide to maintaining your winter garden.

frozen plants

Tips from the Experts

  • Evergreen plants and trees need water all year round, even in winter! This is particularly important to keep in mind if you live in an area that remains both cold and dry during the winter months. By watering your plants in cold weather, they will be able to absorb the water before it becomes trapped and frozen.
  • After the first proper winter freeze, it is also recommended that you place a layer of mulch around the evergreen plants.  This will help to keep the root temperature stable.
  • Winter is a great time to remove dead leaves and branches, and generally shape up the shrubbery. Remember not to remove more than one-third of the growth, or you may permanently damage the plant.
  • Protect your container plants from frost by using a special frost cover or some kind of blanket that retains heat. (Don’t use a plastic sheet, however – this will cause the plants to overheat when the sun shines on them.)
  • Move pot plants closer to the house, onto the porch or even indoors – provided you clean off the container first.

Adventurous Vegetables

If you’ve never grown winter vegetables, well, there’s no time like the present. Peas, winter lettuce, spinach, cabbage, garlic and onions can all be grown over the chilly months. This will require you to indulge in a little DIY, but we all know Dickies Workwear fans are professionals in this area!

To prevent your produce from being damaged by the wind and frost, it is advisable to construct row covers, which act like protective tents. Row covers consist of lightweight fabric that is draped over a special hooped framework, creating a tunnel-like effect. By trapping the heat, row covers help to raise the soil temperature, and consequently extend the growing season. 

Other benefits include the retention of soil moisture, insect control, and ease of use. We found a great instruction guide here, courtesy of Mother Nature Network.

red berries with snow on them

Braving the great outdoors

The aim here is green fingers, not icy blue fingers, so keep warm with Dickies Workwear this winter! We have a great range of warm, durable thermal gloves, ideal for outdoor work in cold temperatures. 

Our knitted beanies, meanwhile, are perfect for keeping your head and ears warm. The most important parts of your outdoor garden gear is a hardy waterproof jacket, or the Dickies 3 in 1 Jacket, which can be worn as a jacket, fleece, or jacket and fleece combined and a pair of waterproof trousers.

Last, but not least, our best selling thermo socks and wellington boots will keep your feet comfy and dry while you traipse through the mud or snow, hard at work on your (almost!) award-winning garden.