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5 Ways to Achieve a Rustic Trend in Your Home in 2017

When it comes to home interiors, the rustic aesthetic isn’t a new concept - but it’s certain to become even more popular in 2017. Designing the perfect rustic look is an entirely subjective thing, which gives you plenty of scope to be as creative as you like. From ceiling beams to photo frames and wooden floors to hand-built shelves, today’s post will explore 5 ways you can achieve the ultimate rustic aesthetic in your home in 2017.

Go big


Wood is a key ingredient in every rustic homeowner’s pot, so why not go large and have faux wooden beams fitted for a striking and authentic cottage look? Varnished wooden coffee tables, headboards and sanded cupboards can all be given their own rustic appeal with a touch of TLC.

If you’re feeling extra creative, pick up some wood and set about building furniture from scratch - just make sure you wear suitable protective clothing!

Use accessories

Whether you’re working with a smaller space or don’t want to overhaul your entire interior, there are tons of ways to work the rustic look into your home.

From wooden photo frames to fresh flowers, you can get creative with your interior accessories without breaking the bank. Charity shops are brimming with weird and wonderful trinkets, so it’s worth looking around for accessories that match your style.

Do it yourself

wood shavings

The best thing about the rustic look is that the emphasis isn’t placed on the finish of the product - and the more authentic your furniture appears, the better. With a world of online information at your fingertips, you don’t have to be a carpenter to try your hand at DIY. There are hundreds of simple ideas to get you started, too.

Whether you’re starting small with a wooden coat rack or going big with a storage box, DIY doesn’t have to be difficult. Just make sure you protect your hands when you’re working with wood.

Choose complementary colours

Rustic-style homes tend to employ a palette of particular colours to achieve the desired finish. From light greys and deep browns to sandy yellows and rich reds, a focus on colour will all add to the finished aesthetic and give your home a warm and cosy finish.

Focus on flooring

Your floors make up a huge part of your usable surface area, making them the ideal place to start when it comes to creating a rustic vibe in your home. We recommend incorporating rustic oak flooring to complement your decor and couple this with a variety of wooden accessories throughout your home.

For a truly rustic look, use one flooring design throughout the home to create a cabin-like feel. From big to little and bold to subtle, this year will see a rise in picturesque, countrified home interiors. Follow our advice and you’ll be one step closer to achieving your own authentic rustic interior in 2017.  

This post was provided by Flooring Republic.