What to Wear Walking in the UK this Autumn

For walking and hiking enthusiasts, autumn walks can be a challenging but equally rewarding experience. As summer turns to winter, autumn is possibly the season with the vastest range in weather conditions with temperatures averaging between 9.5°C minimum to 17.5°C maximum, and an average rainfall of 81mm.

Autumn is also known to be a wet and windy season, though it can vary year after year in the UK. Because of that, when planning a hike in the UK during autumn you should be prepared for different types of weather. Whether you are looking to find essential information about what to wear outdoors during this season or interested in knowing where the best walks are in the UK, let our comprehensive guide help you find everything you need for your next outdoor adventure.

Family hiking in the mountains wearing waterproofs

Hiking Clothes for Autumn

From September to October, conditions have been seen to top those in August, while November brings a dramatic drop in temperature and even sometimes snowfall. For that reason, when planning a long walk or hike it’s important to be geared with tough, durable and reliable hiking clothes and accessories. Here’s a list of apparel and tips you’ll need when encountering outdoor terrains on a long hike in the UK:

  1. Walking trousers-  Denim is a no go. Make sure you wear hiking appropriate trousers that are quick drying and allow movement. Our Redhawk chino trousers are ideal for protecting your legs while walking through the most brambled of trails.
  2. Thermal base layers- We advise wearing more thin layers rather than one or two thicker layers as it’s an effective way of keeping warm. Begin with a base layer and then add layers on top.
  3. A fleece-  Fleeces provide a comfortable level of warmth to be worn as an outer layer during autumn.
  4. Windproof softshell jacket Comfortable and warm, a softshell jacket is the perfect outer layer for hiking.
  5. Waterproof jackets – With unpredictable weather occurring in Autumn, be sure to take a waterproof jacket in your backpack just in case the rainstorms hit.
  6. Waterproof trousers Always pack a pair of waterproof overtrousers – a blessing when caught in an impromptu shower.
  7. Socks Make sure you wear a pair of socks that are suited to the type of walk and the conditions you may encounter. Ensure that they’re cushioned, breathable and come up above your hiking boots to help prevent them from rubbing at your skin.

 Dickies Raintite Jacket- WP50000

Walking Boots

Be sure to choose robust safety hiking boots with ankle support for places where the terrain may get wet, slippery or muddy. Our high-quality Medway safety hiker boot is popular for outdoor pursuits, made with a shock absorbent heel, easing the impact of walking feet on the rough ground. Made with Thinsulate insulation, water-resistant leather uppers and cushioning properties for a comfort, these boots are ideal when hiking long distances or altering terrains.

Dickies Medway Safety Hiker- FD23310

Walking Essentials Kit: What to Pack in Your Backpack

  1. Backpack To start with you’ll need something to carry your hiking gear and keep everything safe on your next adventure. Choose our compact and comfortable hiking backpack with padding against your back for support. On the side of the bag, there's also a mesh pouch to carry a water bottle – an essential whilst walking.
  2. Accessories- Autumn brings a cooler climate, so you’ll need to ensure your head, hands and neck stay warm. To keep cosy and comfortable while hiking, look to the following accessories:
  3. Hats Protect your head from chilly winds while you hike with our quality headgear including hats, beanies and docker hats.
  4. Thermal Gloves Guard your hands against getting cold or marked against brambles or bushes.
  5. Neck gaiter For cooler autumn months cover your neck from the cold.

Dickies Creston Backpack- BG0001

Additional Tips for Walking in Autumn

  1. Always have water and food (or at least healthy snacks!) when going for a walk, even if you think it won’t be necessary. Regardless of the weather, you’ll be sweating and burning calories - replenish your body with nutritious, high energy foods and liquids.
  2. Never walk in brand new hiking boots. Save yourself from being uncomfortable and getting blisters on your feet; ensure you have worn your boots in a little before setting out for the day.
  3. Take a GPS or map for autumn walking. The weather can be fickle in the UK, so be prepared for mist, rain and overcast days.
  4. Don’t be afraid to over pack your backpack – always be prepared for the abrupt bad weather with an extra few layers.


Best Autumn Walks in the UK

Now that you know all the essential outdoor gear you will need for a big autumn adventure, you are probably ready to get out and explore!

There are plenty of scenic routes across the UK that are perfect for walks, hikes, climbs and other adventures. Discover some of Britain’s most beautiful walks, from single day adventures to more challenging multi-day trips - these destinations include the Lake District, the Scottish Highlands, and several national parks across the UK.

Here’s a list of additional hiking areas around the UK:

  1. Weardale walk - Emmetts Garden, Kent.
  2. Belton Park walk - Belton House, Lincolnshire.
  3. Blickling Estate walk - Norfolk.
  4. Bradfield Woods walk - Felsham, Suffolk.
  5. King Alfred’s Tower walk - Stourhead, Wiltshire.
  6. Beech Avenue and Droves walk - Kingston Lacy, Dorset.
  7. Winkworth to Oakhurst walk - Winkworth Arboretum, Surrey.
  8. Autumn Colour Trail at Ashridge - Ashridge, Hertfordshire.
  9. Wicken Fen Boardwalk trail - Wicken Fen Nature Reserve, Cambridgeshire.
  10. Autumn Light walk - Attingham Park, Shropshire.
  11. Autumn Menagerie Garden walk - Nostell, West Yorkshire.

What are your favourite walks in the UK?  If you have kids, why not have a look at our article where we give plenty of outdoor activities to do with your family!