#TOGETHERSTRONGER with Band of Builders

Band of Builders is the story of what happens when people unite to help others. It started with one man’s desire to help his friend in his hour of need and has grown into a national Charity run by tradespeople, for tradespeople.


They have many stories to share and they capture the hearts and minds of people across the UK and beyond, but this time we at Dickies Workwear had the privilege to support Kyle’s project, where a team of 22 tradespeople from around the country worked together on building a home extension for Kyle.




Kyle is a 15-year-old boy who with cystic fibrosis whose condition has left him housebound, this means that Kyle’s homeschooled and would love to have a brand-new space where he can enjoy video games with friends but also study.

Kyle - Band of Builders

In October a team of 22 tradespeople from around the country dedicated their time and skills to extend Kyle’s home in just one-weeks’ time! They created an insulated outhouse where he can socialise, do his schoolwork, and just enjoy being a 15-year-old boy!

"All the builders have all got their own worries, yet they still came and they’re just like one big family." - Kyle's Mum


Band of Builders is a national charity run by and for tradespeople, their community helps members of the construction industry at times of need through hands-on projects, advice and support.

We wanted to get involved to support this great charity and capture for them this life-changing week on camera.

Band of Builders at work in home extension

Watch Band of Builders in action here:

If you think that this could be something for you, to lend your time and skills to this cause - or if you know a supplier who can donate equipment or material - visit the Band of Builders' website for more information on how to get involved.

In their next project, Band of Builders will be helping James, an 11-year-old who suffers with Mitochondrial Disease, which means that his cells do not function properly. James, whose father is a plasterer, has lost his fine motor skills and is a full-time wheelchair user. Thanks to Band of Builders, his home will be extended and fitted with wheelchair access at the front, in a project that will start at the end of January.

Band of Builders clothing with Dickies sticker