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Stay Warm with Thermal Tops and Baselayers

A baselayer is specifically designed to do two things: trap warm air against the body and draw sweat away from the skin - in cold conditions it’s vital that your clothing is breathable and able to protect joints while protecting you from the elements.

Ideally suited to cold European conditions, the seamless thermo-active base layers in our new premium thermal range are designed to provide a high level of comfort and maximum functionality in all conditions. The unique fabric technology helps regulate the skin’s temperature and minimise moisture to keep you comfortable.

Our ladies’ and men’s thermal tops and leggings are constructed with panels to give extra warmth to the shoulders, elbows and knees when not moving, as well as strategically placed panels to help with maximum breathability.

Stay cool when it’s hot and warm up when it’s cold with thermal tops and baselayers from Dickies Europe