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Service With a Smile

Service With a Smile

Chris Vincent and Phil Lukins - two employees who have seen many changes whilst working for Dickies Workwear in the UK under its various ownerships and titles, have just received their respective long-term service awards for 45 and 35 years of company loyalty.

Long Service Awards second presentation photo

Chris, from Wells in Somerset, who joined the company in 1965 starting as a trainee warehouseman and who is now Management Services Manager, remembers working initially with just 3 other colleagues in a very small building and doing all the work by hand. “ Now”, says Chris, “We are in an 80,000 square foot, purpose-built warehouse using advanced computer software which helps us to handle over 2 million products a year; there are over sixty staff working two shifts, using five forklift trucks and several other types of machinery used for collating customer orders.” The most recent innovation Chris has seen is that every item is of course now bar-coded and scanned before it is packed ready for distribution.


Phil, from Street, also in Somerset, who started with the company when he was 16 as a trainee work study assistant, has seen major technical advances in his department having originally had to do many of his calculations on a slide-rule! “It was around 1980 when we bought our first micro-computer with which we used to calculate the wages and print the bundles of work tickets for the factory” says Phil. “It was impossible not to recognise that these incredible machines were going to revolutionise the way we recorded and processed information and it wasn’t long before we all had computers on our desks”.


Long Service Awards presentation photo

The two loyal stalwarts received their awards and grateful thanks from Kirk Ehrlich, the company’s President of Europe, Philip Williamson who is the Chairman, President and CEO of the holding company Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company based in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, and Managing Director of Williamson-Dickie Europe Limited, Mark Strange.