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Dickies Safety & Protective Clothing

Dickies Safety & Protective Clothing

Safety & Protective Clothing from Dickies Workwear

Workwear offering protection against specific hazards makes up an important part of the Dickies workwear range.

Dickies garments providing flame retardant, high visibility and foul weather protection meet all relevant regulations and are available in different styles.

To ensure these industrial workwear products provide excellent performance Dickies utilises the latest developments in fabric technology. Illustrating this is the success of the brand's Fieldtex garments for foul weather protection. A modern fabric, Fieldtex is lightweight but strong, resistant to wind and rain but breathable. This allows perspiration vapour to escape so the wearer stays cool even when performing the most strenuous activities.

Dickies (UK) are a leading brand for high performance professional clothing.