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Weaving And NMT No Limits Kawasaki Are The Champions

Weaving And NMT No Limits Kawasaki Are The Champions

This weekend the hours of planning, preparation and hard work all paid off as NMT No Limits Kawasaki’s Jordan Weaving was crowned the 2016 Pirelli Moto British National Superstock 600 Champion.
After a tough, damp and accident interrupted final round to the season at Brands Hatch over the weekend, the 19 year old put his hands on the trophy and kept it in the NMT No Limits Kawasaki squad for a second successive year following Mason Law’s success in 2015.

Weaving finished in 8th spot on Sunday afternoon and picked up eight points, finishing on 195 to finish 13 ahead of his nearest rival, Carl Phillips, in 2nd and 76 ahead of Keenan Armstrong who finished in 3rd place overall.

Weaving needed just four points in the final race to ensure he would lift the title thanks to his 21 point lead heading to Brands Hatch. But that substantial lead also meant Phillips simply had to win to stand any chance of lifting aloft the Championship trophy.

On Saturday, Phillips put the heat on Weaving when he snatched pole position from the NMT No Limits Kawasaki rider on Saturday in the final seconds of qualifying, the #34 rider knew it was going to take all of his experience and racecraft to ensure he was to take the crown.
24 hours later, the race got underway on a very damp track under a blanket of grey clouds on Sunday and almost immediately Davey Todd raced away at the front with Phillips chasing him along with Lewis Rollo and Weaving in close attendance.  At the head of the race, the front three continued battling for the lead with Weaving holding station relatively comfortably in fourth spot but with just under half the race gone, there was a huge crash at Graham Hill Bend which left one bike strewn on the circuit and spewing out oil onto the track. This brought out a red flag but with under two thirds race distance gone, it meant a six lap blast would sort out the title.
Rain began to fall on the track again as the race restarted and tipping into an already greasy Paddock Hill bend for the first time, Weaving was almost unseated but he used all his skill to keep things shiny side up maintaining his top ten position. Phillips was pushing hard but it was Rollo and Todd who were contesting the lead ahead of the Irishman with the Team Green ZX-6R watching on with interest a couple of places behind. The laps quickly clicked by with a consummate display of ultimate concentration from Weaving left him coming home in eighth place to clinch the title.
Speaking after the race the Champion spoke of his delight after a memorable season that he will never forget but it was difficult to avoid what comes natural and heading out for the win.  
“I just needed to get into a good rhythm and not do anything stupid.” Weaving said.
“But then there was the crash which brought the restart and going into the first corner off the gas, the rear started to slide as the track was really greasy but thankfully I managed to keep things under control and keep going. I noticed the two leaders battling at the front and Carl in third. If anything happened between the guys in front he could win. I could have crashed if I was drawn into chasing them and then it would have been game over, so I made the decision to take a step back from the two in front of me and just concentrated on bringing the bike home.
“It is hard to not go into things like we have done race for race over the season, when you could say you’ve nothing to lose and get into battling at the front like earlier in the year. I suppose it’s better for a racer going for the win and being able to do it that way. While I finished in eight place, some may think it was easier but even though I wasn’t chasing the leaders today it was probably the hardest result of the season.
“I’m just so happy, for the team and for everyone who’s helped me get to where I am today. It’s been a great day and a fantastic season and I can’t thank them enough.”Jordan happily showing off his championship trophy along with the Team Green side ZX-6R machine that helped him acheive it
Cameron Lee went into the final race of the Superstock 600 season looking for progress yet again and it started well with his laptimes getting progressively quicker. He started the race in 19th position but unfortunately was baulked by the conditions and found himself in the thick of the pack. Regaining his composure the steady start he began to pick his way through the group until the race was halted then restarted.
After the restart the Leicestershireman was to continue his progress and finished just outside the points in 17th position. Despite the disappointment of not picking up Championship points in the final round, Lee was so grateful for the opportunity afforded to him by NMT No Limits Kawasaki who have helped him progress as a rider on and off the track.
“It’s been a really good round mentally and physically, I feel I’ve finally clicked with the bike. We showed good pace in the dry but it’s a shame it changed on race day. We did aim for the top 12 or 13 in qualifying and we weren’t too far off that at all, so that was good.
“But I came out of the seat at Paddock Hill Bend on the first lap which dropped me back 12 places, which of course I wasn’t happy with but then the restart gave me another chance. By the end of the race, my pace I was very happy with and if there was one more lap I think I would have been in the points. We had the pace of the guys in 10th-15th so I’m relatively happy with that. I did my fastest ever lap around Brands this weekend in all conditions, so I have to be happy with that too.
“I know now how to set the bike up, how to promote the team and myself around the paddock but I’m pleased that we’ve progressed steadily and consistently. With No Limits on board it gives us more track time which makes things a little easier. It’s been a big step up for me this year but I have to say I love the team and all the people involved and if you get that it can only make you go faster.”
Leon Jeacock stepped into the team for the final round of the season on the ZX-10R for the final round in the 1000CC Superstock championship and was looking to add to his point scoring run which has seen him be one of the most consistent runners in the class throughout the season.
In qualifying things progressed for the 28 year old, with his qualifying time being over a second quicker than his previous best and he was within a clutch of ten riders within a second of each other which spread right into the top 15.  When the race got underway on Sunday lunchtime the number 5 shod bike was away very quickly, picking up almost 10 places by the second lap and then going into lap five, Jeacock was on the coattails of the top ten and pressing on hard. But with the track drying as the sun began to break through the clouds, unfortunately grip levels on the wet tyres started to fall away.  As the chequered flag came out, Jeacock was to cross the line in 14th place, picking up two points and seeing him end the season in tenth place overall in the Championship.
“The race was good, I got into tenth at one point but with the changeable conditions and the track drying out the back of the bike was spinning so much and I couldn’t stay up there.” Jeacock admitted.
“I hoped that I could have pulled enough that the people who had a dry setup were left behind early on so I had a big enough gap to hold them off. But to go from where we did on the grid and pick up points, I’m happy with that it was a good weekend.
“I’d have liked a bit more testing time ahead of the weekend but if it had stayed dry all weekend I think we would have been a lot higher up by the end of the race.  I’ve really enjoyed working with the team, they’re great people who know what they’re doing. I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity to work with them.”