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Made to Order

Made to Order

Our Made to Order (MTO) products are available for quantities greater than 500 pieces.

In addition to our Catalogue MTOs, customer bespoke products can also be designed and produced for Corporate clients.

Please refer to the attached PDF for details of embellishments/alteration that are not possible or not recommended for certain garments.

Embellishment Restrictions - PDF

  • Where a garment embellishment is marked with “No”, the garments cannot be embellished /altered for technical or legal reasons.
  • Where a garment embellishment is marked with “N/R” (not recommended), embellishment or alteration of the garment may affect the performance of the garment or the quality of the embellishment or alteration.

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Dickies Made to Order workwear

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Note we have a minimum quantity of 500

All prices and lead times are to be confirmed on confirmation of order. Please also be aware that most specials will require a colour lab dip and a sealing sample confirmation before production goes ahead.