Work & Safety Gloves

Dickies work gloves usually fit into three basic categories; leather, grip or safety gloves. Within these, there are various levels of protection, fit, style etc. Dickies also have a relationship with KONG – “King of Oil N’ Gas”, who manufacture an advanced safety glove range globally to meet specific working needs and the highest quality protection.

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€25.00(inc vat)€20.83(ex vat)
€25.00(inc vat)€20.83(ex vat)
€9.00(inc vat)€7.50(ex vat)
€15.00(inc vat)€12.50(ex vat)
€20.00(inc vat)€16.67(ex vat)
€28.00   €70.00 (inc vat)€23.33   €58.33 (ex vat)
€20.00   €50.00 (inc vat)€16.67   €41.67 (ex vat)
€40.00   €100.00 (inc vat)€33.33   €83.33 (ex vat)
Popular Products in PPE
Dickies Two Tone Hi-Vis Hoodie - Orange
€45.00(inc vat)€37.50(ex vat)
Dickies Proban Coverall - Navy Blue
€47.50   €95.00 (inc vat)€39.58   €79.17 (ex vat)
Dickies Hi Visibility Long Sleeve Polo Shirt - Yellow
€27.50(inc vat)€22.92(ex vat)
Dickies Hi Vis Joggers - Yellow
€35.00(inc vat)€29.17(ex vat)
Dickies Waterproof Hi Vis Safety Trousers - Orange
€23.00(inc vat)€19.17(ex vat)
Dickies Two Tone Hi Vis Sweat - Orange
€42.50(inc vat)€35.42(ex vat)
Dickies High Visibility Bomber Jacket - Orange
€55.00(inc vat)€45.83(ex vat)
Dickies Hi Vis Highway Safety Waistcoat - Yellow
€7.50(inc vat)€6.25(ex vat)
Dickies Lightweight Pyrovatex Coverall - Royal Blue
€95.00(inc vat)€79.17(ex vat)
Dickies Industry Hi-Vis Trousers - Orange
€62.50(inc vat)€52.08(ex vat)
Dickies High Visibility Safety Hooded Sweatshirt - Orange
€40.00(inc vat)€33.33(ex vat)
Dickies High Visibility Safety Polo Shirt - Orange
€20.00(inc vat)€16.67(ex vat)
Dickies Waterproof Hi Vis Safety Coverall - Orange
€155.00(inc vat)€129.17(ex vat)
Dickies Performance Gloves - Tan
€25.00(inc vat)€20.83(ex vat)
Dickies Everyday Flame Retardant Coverall - Red
€65.00(inc vat)€54.17(ex vat)