EN-ISO-20345: S3 Rated

Our S3 rated safety footwear includes the all previous features required for SB and S1 ratings but brings additional protection in the form of water resistance of waterproof properties along with penetration protection in the midsole.

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€38.00   €95.00 (inc vat)€38.00   €95.00 (ex vat)
€27.50   €55.00 (inc vat)€27.50   €55.00 (ex vat)
€32.50   €65.00 (inc vat)€27.08   €54.17 (ex vat)
€100.00(inc vat)€100.00(ex vat)
€66.50   €95.00 (inc vat)€55.42   €79.17 (ex vat)
€63.00   €90.00 (inc vat)€63.00   €90.00 (ex vat)
€55.00(inc vat)€55.00(ex vat)
€165.00(inc vat)€165.00(ex vat)
€66.00   €165.00 (inc vat)€66.00   €165.00 (ex vat)
€150.00(inc vat)€150.00(ex vat)
€150.00(inc vat)€150.00(ex vat)
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Dickies Preston Safety Boot - Brown
€38.00   €95.00 (inc vat)€38.00   €95.00 (ex vat)
Dickies Faxon Safety Trainer - Grey
€20.00   €100.00 (inc vat)€16.67   €83.33 (ex vat)
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€76.50(inc vat)€76.50(ex vat)
Dickies Storm II Safety Boot - Black
€45.00(inc vat)€45.00(ex vat)
Dickies Industrial Rigger Boot - Brown
€37.50   €125.00 (inc vat)€37.50   €125.00 (ex vat)
Dickies Donegal Safety Boot - Honey
€65.00(inc vat)€65.00(ex vat)
Dickies Fife II Dealer Boot - Black
€90.00(inc vat)€90.00(ex vat)
Dickies Severn Safety Boot - Black
€58.50(inc vat)€58.50(ex vat)
Dickies Liberty Safety Boot - Black
€73.50   €105.00 (inc vat)€73.50   €105.00 (ex vat)
Dickies Liberty Safety Shoe - Black
€84.00   €120.00 (inc vat)€70.00   €100.00 (ex vat)
Dickies Everyday Safety Boot - Black
€50.00(inc vat)€50.00(ex vat)
Dickies Fractus Safety Boot - Black
€27.50   €55.00 (inc vat)€27.50   €55.00 (ex vat)