If you are a long-time TERRA® user, you will already know TERRA® footwear puts technology and safety at the forefront of all designs. You will already know they’re one of the finest things to come from Canada and you will already know that this footwear is not only worth it for the longevity it offers, but for the comfort and styles available.

TERRA safety footwear and Dickies hard hat

However, what if you are looking at TERRA® for the first time or are coming back to consider TERRA® as your footwear choice? Or, is it getting tedious looking a new brand that complies with current safety specifications within your work place? What about those of you who are sick and tired of ending the working day with sweaty feet that are aching?

And to those new to working in the industry, you might be thinking what do all these terms and specifications actually mean and what can they do for me? Why does TERRA® work here?

TERRA® Heritage

TERRA® footwear has grown over the last forty years to become a world leader in premium safety footwear. Pioneering the development of their footwear through laboratory testing and with a drive for constant improvement; this meets the demand for increased comfort and protection required within the work wear industry.  They are designed not only for optimal performance, but to also comply with US, EU and UK safety standards.


TERRA© Light Industry

The TERRA® lightweight athletic shoe combines comfort and agility together with TERRA’s commitment to technology.  The stylish low-profile safety shoes are at home on any fast-paced jobsite.  Never slowing you down, whatever obstacles there may be.  Speed agility and endurance is on offer here.




TERRA® Construction

Designing lower profile footwear for tough jobsites doesn’t ever mean sacrificing safety, innovation and technical strength.  You can still benefit from the full range of performance with increased flexibility and motion. Choose TERRA® construction for maximum protection and mobility.

See the full range available here.

Selected footwear within the range uses the boa® closure system. Lightweight dials, reels, and aircraft grade stainless steel laces combine the most customisable it on a work boot.  Easily adjusted with one hand, the glove like fit and uniform closure with no pressure points provides serious comfort.  Once locking into place, the laces remain unmovable, with a protective strength that’s stronger per gram than tank armour. The closure sheds water, mud and ice.  Guaranteed for the lifetime of the product, it’s serious performance for serious footwear. Take a look at the boa® technology in action.

We know how important it is to get it right first time when selecting safety footwear. The TERRA® range we have confirms to EN ISO 20345: 2011, however, it is also important to understand the technical aspects and how the footwear will work for you. We’ve shown some of the features of the footwear however take a look at the glossary of the safety footwear particulars to check if they meet your needs before investing.


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