Handmade Gifts For Men

While it’s so much easier to do all your Christmas shopping in a heartbeat online, the value of the handmade gift is perhaps higher than ever. This is particularly true when creating something for a manly man, who has tools to carry, camping fires to light and meetings to conquer. In this article, we’ll look at three awesome handmade gifts for men, which you can make using tools and materials that you can buy at any hardware store.

We aimed for items that will be used regularly, which will make these gifts so much more meaningful.  

Custom Tool Roll

tool roll


Lugging an entire toolbox around to complete simple jobs is not only inconvenient, it can also be unsafe. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a professional tradesman, or a man who likes to get things done around the house, a custom tool roll makes for a handy and memorable gift. It’s great for separating tools designed for a particular purpose, or simply for carrying only the tools you need from the toolbox to the jobsite.


  • Heavy duty thread
  • About 50cm of tough fabric (A medium duty denim is tough enough, while still being able to be stitched by a conventional sewing machine)


  • sewing machine
  • fabric scissors
  • an iron / ironing board
  • pins
  • a triangle (or something with a square edge you can trace)
  • a ruler
  • fabric pencil

Once you’ve gotten all the components together, follow the detailed assembly instructions here.  

Classic Tripod Camping Stool



The old-school tripod stool remains an elegant style statement, while still being incredibly handy in any number of situations. Need to get down low to light the campfire? The tripod stool will keep your knees out of the mud. Heading out to watch some cricket? The tripod stool is unrivalled when it comes to portability vs comfort. Indeed, the lucky man you hand this to could stash this in his car and have a handy seat available, whenever and wherever he needs it.


  • three hardwood dowels, 25-30mm in diameter (enough to make 3 x 60cm pieces)
  • one brass 2.75” bolt
  • one 1.5” eye-hole bolt
  • two brass acorn nuts
  • three brass washers
  • three brass finishing washers
  • three brass 1” wood screws (big enough not to slip through the finishing washer)
  • a wood finish of your choice
  • A tough material of your choice for the seat. Leather works and looks great


  • a few sheets of sandpaper, or an electrical sander
  • a power drill
  • screwdriver that matches your wood screws
  • socket wrench that fits the acorn nuts
  • rags
  • knife

No leather stitching is required in this project and once you’ve acquired all the materials, it takes just minutes to assemble. You can find detailed assembly instructions here.  

Customised Tie Clip

make and give holiday 2012


This one is best suited to the man who fights his battles at the boardroom table – and to the gift giver with little time to spare. Tie clips are super fashionable accessories that can kick drab corporate wear up a gear, while adding a personalised touch to a suit and tie ensemble. Assembly is exceptionally simple and the possibilities are limited only to the types of punches you can find. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • a small piece of thick leather
  • a blank tie clip (Find these at your local craft store and at some clothing stores)
  • strong glue


  • a craft knife
  • your choice of letter, number or shape punches.
  • a hammer

Putting this gift together is as simple as using the punches to imprint whatever design you want into the leather, then sticking it to the blank tie clip. For more detailed instructions and tips, try this walkthrough.   Now you’re equipped with all the plans you need to turn this into a memorable and special festive season for the man who matters to you. No time to build something awesome? We’ve got a whole website brim-full of fantastic gift ideas for the manly man.

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