All dogs do matter with All Dogs Matter

Every year, All Dogs Matter host a Valentine’s walk on Hampstead Heath in aid of the amazing work the charity does to help this country’s abandoned furry friends.

You are invited to take part. In previous years, there have been goodie bags to go round with some tasty treats for woofs on the walk, plus prizes for the most ‘loved up’ looking dogs and owners.

The walk usually ends with a relaxing drink in the pub where dogs and owners can share the love. You’ll also find the All Dogs Matter shop set up and ready to sell. All proceeds go back into the rescue and rehoming of more dogs.   


Here's Nina, dressed in her finest

There are goodie bags to go round with some tasty treats for woofs on the walk, plus a very special 15 bags for the most ‘loved up’ looking dogs and owners!

For owners, that means anything pink, red, or covered in hearts! For your pooches, why not dress to impress with their best pink or red lead and collar? Or, go all out with a nice Valentine’s bandana or bow tie? If it’s cold, perhaps a coat or jumper?

     man stroking dog

Making a Difference Every year dogs are abandoned or given up for adoption for many reasons; including lifestyle changes, the costs of caring for a dog and not having the time needed to train them and integrate them into family life.  Last year, over 40,000 dogs were abandoned.

All Dogs Matter work hard to rehome unwanted or abandoned dogs throughout London and East Anglia.

For each dog in need of help, they use foster homes, health assessments and get them ready for rehoming with microchipping, neutering and vaccinations. Their aim is to find a safe new home for the rest of the dog’s life.  It is a charity full of dog lovers and behind the scenes helping the dogs waiting for a home, is a valuable team of volunteers and fundraisers.   The Importance of Dog Adoption If you are looking to give a dog a forever home, with All Dogs Matter, they have a dog for everyone and you can find out more here. These are some of the things to consider before adopting a dog:

  • Feeding- there are so many foods available on the market, it can be impossible to know which to go for. It is always best to research and take advice from the rehoming centre.
  • Lifestyle- the average life of a dog is 10-14 years. Can you dedicate the time to ensure the wellbeing of your new family member, or afford the provisions for your dog when you are at work or on holiday?
  • Exercise- a happy dog is a stimulated dog, and regular exercise is vital so that you may need to undergo extra training to ensure it isn't just the dog enjoying the walk.

dog at all dogs matter

For more information on the event, including start time, registration and itinerary, you can visit the website here.  

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